Commission Prices and Examples

The following prices are base prices and are for private, personal commissions only. Please email me for commercial work.
Additional fees may apply to complex designs, large props, or complicated posing.
Please read my Terms of Service before placing an order.

Commissions are OPEN; Check my Trello board for queue status.

Digital Art and Illustration

Headshot / Icon - $25

Half Body - $50
Full Body - $75

Colored Sketches

Bust - $15
Half Body - $30

Pixel Art

Small - $10 up to 100 pixels tall
Medium - $25 up to 200 pixels tall
Large - $50 400 - 500 pixels tall

Placing an Order

When ordering, please specify what type and size of commission you are wanting. Clear, colored visual references are preferred.
You may send any orders or quote inquires to or DM me on Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, or Discord.
Please remember to check my Trello board for queue and availability and my Terms of Service before ordering/paying.

Interested in something not listed here? Please email/DM me to ask about it!

For commercial or contract work, please email me directly!