What do you use to make art?

AS OF 2022, all my digital art is made on my 2017 iPad Pro 10.5" with an Apple Pencil (Gen 1). I do most of my work in Procreate for iOS. I also draw and sketch with pencils, ballpoint pens, and colored pencils.

Do you have other art besides what is here?

YES. I have a pixel dollz site [Sugarvamp Dollz] and my personal website [CLAMVERSE] focuses on y2k web design (and the underappreciated art of the personal website) and has older and miscellaneous art.

Do you allow your work to be reposted?

YES for the most part, for personal use such as fan art collections or art showcases, etc, so long as you DO NOT USE MY WORK COMMERCIALLY, DO NOT EDIT my work, LEAVE MY SIGNATURE INTACT & VISIBLE, and CREDIT me clearly to one of the following: However, DO NOT REPOST COMMISSION WORK unless you are the owner of the work or have their explicit permission, and reposting subject to their rules and my own. NEVER use my work to legitimize or promote bigotry, animal/child abuse, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or to train Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) or algorithms.

Do you accept commissions?

YES. For personal work you may either commission me on KO-FI, or check out my Commissions Page for more options (or NSFW) and direct requests. Feel free to ask about a request type not listed as an option. For commercial or large scale work, please email directly for availability and quotes at: cl4m0art@gmail.com. I do not depict bigotry or animal/child abuse.

Do you do art trades or collaborations?

SOMETIMES. I only trade or collaborate Peer-to-Peer, generally with artists I am already following on social media or have rapport with. I am less likely to trade commissions for commissions, but I enjoy trading commissions for artist goods like prints, plushes/toys, stickers, clothing, etc. Everything is case-by-case; please do not take it personally if I decline a trade/collab offer.

Do you take free requests?

NOT REALLY. Closest I get to that is occasionally asking for drawing warm-up ideas on social media and there is never a guarantee I will post it. Otherwise, no.

Do you accept cryptocurrency or make NFTs?

NO. I am strongly opposed to cryptocurrency and related technology, either as payment or by minting. I have never accepted cryptocurrency as payment* and have never minted, owned, or sold a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). I take my anti-NFT stance very seriously, and try not to associate myself with NFT/Crypto artists while also keeping myself educated on the topic. * I have speculated about cryptocurrency in the past, briefly stated I would accept crypto as payment for commissions, and once held less than 0.01 BTC, I learned more about crypto and sold mine early 2021 to get rid of it. This is why one may find some of my previous old statements in support of crypto as recent as early 2021, but I never ended up accepting crypto as payment.

Can I use your art to train my A.I.?

NO. Please do not use my art to train in any way any Artificial Intellectual (A.I.), Algorithms, Procedural Generation, etc.

You're following [bad person]! Can I contact you about this?

IN SOME CASES. I don't routinely check my following. I generally dislike being pinged about these kinds of things. I'd rather not get involved with or be forced to take a position on the complicated interpersonal drama of strangers, and I do not care about petty crimes. ANYONE MAY TELL ME ABOUT NFT ARTISTS I follow/RT, publicly or privately, because if I am following them and they do NFTs, it means I don't know about the NFTs for whatever reason and I would like to be told.

Other questions? Business inquiries?

Contact me on social media or email me at cl4m0art@gmail.com


business inquiries: cl4m0art @ gmail.com