icon/pfp - $40 usd

2000 px square canvas - Stylized Render
Solid or Basic (I.E. Pride Flag) Background


half body - $90 usd
full body - $120 usd

A3-ish canvas - 300 dpi - Simple Background


chibi - $60 usd
couple - $90 usd

A4-ish canvas - 300 dpi - Simple Background

Transparent png version included~!


pixel doll - $48 usd

approx 300-400 px tall/wide

solid background 1x & 3x scale

transparent 1x scale included


please request quote for animations


† RENDER DISCLAIMER: My Pixel Art is made in Procreate for iOS using a faux-binary pen which may result in minor errors like color/opacity variations and some anti-aliasing. I strive to render as traditionally as possible. Please keep this in mind when commissioning Pixel Art from me. †

Commissions on hold

Reopening February 2023.

Prices updated for reopen. DM/Email for Waitlist.

Most Subjects OK!!

(oc, fanart, vtuber, human, furry, mecha, gore, drugs, nsfw, fetish, etc)


No Bigotry, Animal/Child Abuse

Add'l Fees for Extra Subjects, Complex Designs,
Detailed Backgrounds, Extra Versions, etc.


cl4m0art @


Prices are for personal work only. For commercial work please email me.


Feel free to inquire about commission types not listed. I am also available for collaborative works and work local to me in Seattle, WA.


business inquiries: cl4m0art @