icon/pfp - $40 usd

2000 px square canvas - Stylized Render
Solid or Basic (I.E. Pride Flag) Background


half body - $90 usd
full body - $120 usd

A3-ish canvas - 300 dpi - Simple Background


chibi - $60 usd
couple - $90 usd

A4-ish canvas - 300 dpi - Simple Background

Transparent png version included~!


pixel doll - $48 usd

approx 300-400 px tall/wide

solid background 1x & 3x scale

transparent 1x scale included


please request quote for animations


† RENDER DISCLAIMER: My Pixel Art is made in Procreate for iOS using a faux-binary pen which may result in minor errors like color/opacity variations and some anti-aliasing. I strive to render as traditionally as possible. Please keep this in mind when commissioning Pixel Art from me. †

Commissions on hold

Closed due to health complications. Commissions will resume at an undetermined date. Current pricing an options are subject to change.

Most Subjects OK!!

(oc, fanart, vtuber, human, furry, mecha, gore, drugs, nsfw, fetish, etc)


No Bigotry, Animal/Child Abuse

Add'l Fees for Extra Subjects, Complex Designs,
Detailed Backgrounds, Extra Versions, etc.


cl4m0art @


Prices are for personal work only. For commercial work please email me.


Feel free to inquire about commission types not listed. I am also available for collaborative works and work local to me in Seattle, WA.


business inquiries: cl4m0art @